Comparing jQuery CDNs

The conventional wisdom involving using jQuery with your public-facing posts and pages in WordPress, is to substitute a version of jQuery from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the built-in version that comes with WordPress. Before going any further, I need to point out that not every theme makes use of jQuery, so if your theme doesn’t use jQuery for the public-facing pages, you are free to move along. Continue reading “Comparing jQuery CDNs”


Yet another recommendation for WP Engine

If you have spent any time searching the Internet for recommendations on which host is best for your WordPress blog, you almost certainly have seen that at the top of everyone’s list is WP Engine. Then if you were anything like I was, you check what WP Engine charges, and pick some other hosting company; its least-costly multi-site package is $99 per month. Sure, you get a lot, but compared to the $3.95-per-month hosting services advertised everywhere, there’s a big disconnect. Continue reading “Yet another recommendation for WP Engine”