Happy 13th Birthday WordPress! — WP Engine

Today WordPress advances into its teenage years by turning 13 years old. Back in 2003, Matt Mullenweg created WordPress and it became a simple publishing tool to inspire the writer in everyone. Since then, we’ve seen WordPress evolve from its baby steps as a simple, open-source blogging platform to a full-fledged development tool for robust websites. Let us celebrate WordPress…

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Fast made faster

I’ve been really happy with the speed at which my self-hosted WordPress site runs on Digital Ocean. But when I saw the announcement on WP Tavern of a new one-click Simple Cache plug-in, I had to give it a try (“A New One-Click Install Caching Plugin for WordPress,” April 14, 2016). I guess it’s a sickness. Continue reading “Fast made faster”

How to get your WordPress site to run blazing fast in one step

WordPress has many wonderful features, but out-of-the-box speed isn’t among them. Compared to a “normal” static HTML site, self-hosting WordPress on a typical inexpensive hosting site such as Bluehost, Namecheap, A2 Hosting, etc., sometimes can leave you wondering if your pages are ever going to load. Continue reading “How to get your WordPress site to run blazing fast in one step”

Using child themes with starter themes

I’ve written before about two of the great starter themes — _s (underscores.me) and _tk (themekraft.com). Each wants you to modify the theme to your heart’s content, even to the point of advising you not to use it as the parent for a child theme. _s makes this particularly easy. Continue reading “Using child themes with starter themes”