About me

I’m on my computer all the time, it seems, yet with all my other websites, I felt I didn’t have quite enough web exposure. Thus, this WordPress blog. Aren’t you relieved?

No? Well, here are some of my other websites. Knock yourself out!


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Greg:

    I’m a web developer who’s about to retire to the Caribbean (and beyond) on my sailboat. But at present, I’m working on one final project. While working on some routines to clean up the HTML (which is REALLY horrible), I came across a link to an AppleScript you wrote to automate the execution of the “Format” command in BBEdit. As simple as this script is, it was incredibly helpful.

    I was curious if you have a site in which you share other such scripts for BBEdit (or other applications).

    Thank you.

    Jack Webb
    WebbWebs Consulting.

  2. Jack, Thanks for the kind words. I haven’t used that ‘script in so long I’d forgotten all about it. Glad you found it useful. I am no good at AppleScript so I have created only two or three tools using it, so there’s no real point in publishing them. One of my other ones grabs data out of a FileMaker database and creates HTML pages, for example. Enjoy your retirement!

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