WordPress theme header image sizes

[Updated December 2015 to include Twenty Sixteen.]

Any sufficiently large system is bound to give rise to inconsistencies, which may be why I always find myself looking up the recommended size for header images, depending on the WordPress theme being used for the project at hand. It’s difficult to believe there’s not a better way of handling header images, but until there is, here’s a handy reference table.

Theme Width px Height px Ratio
TwentyTen 940 198 4.75:1
TwentyEleven 1,000 288 3.47:1
TwentyTwelve* 960 250 3.84:1
TwentyThirteen 1,600 230 6.96:1
TwentyFourteen 1,260 240 5.25:1
TwentyFifteen 954 1,300 0.73:1
TwentySixteen 1,200 280 4.29:1

* The fine print in TwentyTwelve says something to the effect that smaller images are acceptable, and that the maximum image width is 2,000 px.

If I remember correctly, Kubrick did not have the option of a header image, but at any rate you can no longer download it from the WordPress theme library. If you’ve got Kubrick and you’re still using it, you probably know by now what it needs.

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  1. […] The recommended size for the header image in Twenty Sixteen is 1200 × 280. One non-obvious (at least, to me) aspect of adding a header image is that if your uploaded image is 1200 pixels wide but only — say — 250 pixels high, WordPress Twenty Sixteen will not allow you to use that image as-is: You are going to have to crop the width. That’s correct, the width. […]

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