The _tk theme: Underscores plus Bootstrap

Earlier this year I wrote about the Underscores theme for getting started with rolling your own WordPress theme.

I’ve built a couple of sites with it, and it really does save a lot of time.

Usually, though, I’m trying to incorporate Bootstrap styles and features into my WordPress themes. For my limited usages, my attempts have worked fine.

Now, however, there’s an Underscores-based starter theme that already has Bootstrap baked in: _tk from Themekraft.

If you’re looking to create a Bootstrap-based WordPress theme from “scratch,” _tk is the way to go.

I have one quibble with it, and that is that in the header section, _tk uses an <h4> tag for the sub-title, instead of a <p> tag with class of lead, the way Bootstrap does. This is easy to change for yourself, though, if your sensibilities align with mine.

As with Underscores, _tk is not meant to be a parent theme for your child theme. In developing a new theme based on _tk, though, I find it easiest to create a child theme, and then when you have everything hashed out, merge your child-theme elements into the “parent” theme.