Kudos to Codeable

I recently inherited a WordPress blog that had been developed three years ago by a designer who had abandoned the client. The site mostly seemed to be running, so I wasn’t too worried, but I started checking the code anyway.

That’s when I got the shock of my life. This designer, who bills himself a a professional WordPress developer, had used a WooThemes theme as the basis for his design (no problem there), but instead of creating a child theme, he’d modified the original theme itself!

If you’re familiar with WooThemes, you know they offer theme updates fairly often. Such was the case with the theme used as the basis for the inherited blog. I downloaded the latest version of the theme from WooTheme and compared it against the theme in use in the inherited blog, and received another shock: Because of the hybrid nature of the theme, some of the theme files had been updated during the normal update process, while others had been left behind, and yet others were untouched. It was an utter mess.

Not being a WordPress guru myself, I punted. WP Engine recommends a couple of WordPress developers, so I picked one: Codeable.

The process for selecting an expert from Codeable seems a little odd at first, but it works great.

Soon, I had chosen one of Codeable’s experts to tackle the project, had transferred the money to his escrow account (an embarrassingly reasonable amount, I must say), and gotten him started.

There were lots of bumps and scrapes along the way due to the condition of the code base, but the Codeable expert handled each and every challenge, after conferring with me.

When it was all done, the only task remaining was to go into one of the settings pages and re-check one of the boxes to choose the version I wanted of the menu system.

Compared to other experiences I’ve had hiring external programmers, let alone getting them to deliver as promised, working with Codeable was like a dream come true.

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