Oldest (earliest) date in WordPress

Several years ago I was setting up a site and had the choice between WordPress or Movable Type.

I wanted to go with WordPress for ease of set-up, but it was going to include historical posts — which is to say, posts of historical items — and I wanted them to have the same posting date as the date each of them happened.

In testing, I discovered that WordPress would not retain any date prior to around 1970. If you entered a date from before 1970, it would revert to the 1970 date. There were hacks, but I didn’t want to get involved with them, so I went with Movable Type.

Well, as everyone must know by now, Movable Type ditched it’s free version a couple years ago. The install I was using still worked fine, but being unsupported it had none of the security upgrades. I didn’t want to pay the full price of a Movable Type seat for a relatively minor site, but neither did I want to have a site with faulty security.

On a whim I tried WordPress again. Using one of my existing WordPress installs, I created a temporary post using my birthdate (June 11, 1900). Amazingly, WordPress 3.8.1 retained the date.

I did not explore to see what the earliest (oldest?) date is that WordPress will now accept, but thankfully WordPress no longer depends on the UNIX / POSIX date/time scheme (which started January 1, 1970). This should open up WordPress for use not only for persons such as myself, but also for genealogical sites for presenting family history information in a blog format.


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  1. Hello Greg. I have started to build a ‘100-year-old blog’ of the letters from my grandfather to his mother when he was serving in the First World War. The letters started in 1915, and I am steadily working through them, not up to April 1916. There are hundreds of them!! And the dates all work just as with a current blog. I plan to have features such as ‘on this day’ showing any letters for the current date, etc. And they can be searched, sorted etc like a normal blog. The site is in embryonic form, but you can see it on http://www.ww1letters.com

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