Instant code clean-up in WordPress

Everyone probably knows this already, but it’s so cool I wanted to point it out just in case.

After entering or pasting HTML code or plain text into the Text window in WordPress, you can “instantly” clean up the entry by clicking on the “Visual” tab, and then clicking back on the “Text” tab.

‘Instant’ code clean-up

Among other things, this gets rid of plain <p> tags, and <br> tags, and converts HTML entities to character each represents. So, for example, &hellip; becomes “…” in the edit window (as well as in the published item.)

You have to watch out, though, in that sometimes when you eliminate the <br> tags, WordPress will insert line spaces when you do not want them (such as, in address blocks). You just have to manually delete the superfluous lines while in the text editing window.