From Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress

I’ve been really addicted to Google offerings over the years. Google allows you to do some things you just can’t do any other way. Some examples are Gmail, Reader, and Voice.

Of course, once you’re addicted, you go for the whole pizza. Sure, I had a bunch of Blogger/Blogspot spaces, because they’ve been around forever, but I even had a Google+ account. Talk about sick!

Well, the first step in recovering is to admit you have a problem, and I’ve got several big problems with Google, from their cozy relationship with fascists and other dictators, to their general anti-West viewpoints.

It reached a head the other way when Google came out for gay “marriage” under the mendacious “Legalize Love” campaign.

That’s when I knew I had to start separation proceedings.

I won’t go into all the details, but I did want to share how easy it is to go from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress. Maybe it was easier for me because I had a bunch of domains scattered around that were more or less unused.

So, for each Blogger/Blogspot space I had, I simply installed WordPress on one of my unused domains, installed the Blogger import plug-in, and let ‘er rip. Of course, you then have to tune up each WordPress install, but that’s actually part of the fun. Instead of letting Google determine how your blog is going to look and act, you get some input. And because you’re either already familiar with WordPress or want to be in the near future, poking around like this is a great way to become more fluent in WordPress.

If you don’t have a domain and web host to which you can move your Blogger/Blogspot space, give Bluehost a try. I run hot and cold on them, but generally speaking Bluehost offers you a ton of stuff for a couple bucks a month, including the ability to host a bucketful of sites on your one account. It’s a hard deal to beat.

In the space of about an hour and a half yesterday, I moved four Blogger/Blogspot blogs to brand new WordPress installs. That is, I found all the passwords I needed, did the four installs, downloaded the import plug-in for each, did the data transfer, and took the time to do a bit of data clean-up.

Don’t you just love WordPress?