WordPress Media Manager

In the process of converting a static HTML site to a WordPress site, I though I’d be clever and create a local instance of WordPress on my home computer, and then once I got everything just so, transfer everything to the server. It only sort-of worked.

One of the issues was with images. So, I went into the WordPress Media Manager page and manually added each of my images.

That’s when I discovered that WordPress put each of the images into a folder with the current year, month, and day, which was not exactly what I wanted.

I deleted all the images, and then tried adding them back in within the text of the post to which the images were attached. This time, WordPress created files with “legacy” dates, and distributed the images the way I expected them to be filed. It was a little more work, but if I ever have to go back to find those images on the server, they’ll be where I expect them to be.