Running WordPress locally to upload to a remote server

I was poking around in the MAMP fora and came across a question from someone who wanted to run MAMP locally on his Mac and then upload the files to a server.

Here is my response:

It seems that you have a misunderstanding of how WordPress works. You are supposed to install WordPress at a location where it can be reached by those you wish to see it. That is, it is not designed to be a local CMS, the output from which you can then upload to a remote server. To have a WordPress blog, you should install WordPress on a public server, and do all your work over the Internet.

Note that you could use the WordPress Super Cache plug-in to generate static HTML files, which could then be uploaded to a server that does not run WordPress. However, the search feature (and perhaps some others) would not work, so you’d be presenting a crippled site to visitors.

If you cannot install WordPress on your (or a) public server, you can get a free WordPress account at, and let someone else worry about the server admin details.

Finally, you could run a local WordPress install, export from that local install and import to a remote install, but each time you did this you’d have to delete all the posts (entries) on the remote system to prevent duplicate posts. You could do this manually on a small blog, but for a large blog you’d want to use phpMyAdmin or something similar to empty your table before importing. It would be a real hassle.