Tweaking WordPress CSS on the fly

There are four basic ways I know of to do development on a WordPress site:

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Selecting archives by month

I have a couple sites with legacy material that goes back many years. In addition to other navigation aids (such as selecting any given month of the archive), I wanted to include a way for visitors to skip to any given year.

Here is the code I used to accomplish this.

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WordPress best practice: Search and replace

A couple years ago I set up a WordPress site for a client, and must have been experiencing some sort of brain freeze: I used the bare domain name in the Settings page of the admin section instead of including “www”.

It does make the URL shorter (and this domain name was on the long side), but the downside is that some CDNs do not function as well with “naked” domain names as opposed to fully-qualified domain names (FQDN), which is what you get when you have “www” in a normal URL.

Recently, WP Engine added free SSL certificates to all sites. After enabling it for this site, I realized that not only did I have to fix internal links that still referred to the http version of the site, I should really fix the URL issue.

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Whitelisting CloudFlare

After you set up your account with CloudFlare, add your WordPress site, download the WordPress plug-in for Cloudflare and fill in the blanks on the set-up screen, and switch your DNS over to Cloudflare, you may notice that CloudFlare recommends one additional step: Whitelisting CloudFlare IP addresses. Continue reading “Whitelisting CloudFlare”